A Conversation With Yung Grave

February 7, 2020
Yung Grave

A mix of eclectic styles and genres form the basis of Invercargill artist Yung Grave’s music. With a style that is uniquely his own, the prolific artist has released track after track steadily polishing his sound. Following the release of his album, and ahead of the release of his 4-track EP, we caught up with Yung Grave to chat about all things music and life.

Tell me a bit more about yourself? Your background and what got you into making music?

I was born in Invercargill I got into music at Intermediate school and loved to go against the grain in my creative process. I jammed in my room every day making up songs and playing to System, Blink or Metallica. I made tapes in my parent’s garage every weekend just mixing tracks, with my voice and guitar. I just loved experimental shit. I loved Led Zeppelin, Faith No More, Metallica, Blink 182, System Of a Down and Pink Floyd religiously to say a few. I left moving to Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington AND Auckland twice to pursue a career in art and design initially, and ending up doing a little hip hop project 6 years back which ignited my love for music once again. I’ve tried my hand at a bit of everything and even operating a few small businesses at one point. But I needed to get back to the music. 

What are some of your influences? Personally and musically?

Honestly, I was influenced from a young age by a variety of Musicians, and that has become apart of my music’s very essence I believe. But I don’t have influences these days just artists that I respect. But also I think it’s mentionable that having a grandmother that was an Opera singer has made me want to train my voice more and more. I will continue to work on it. I’d say personally she’s an influence. 

Outside of music what do you like to do?

Running and reading. But haven’t had time to read in months so looking forward to it.

You’ve just dropped a new album, tell me more about that?

Wow, just crazy. The album came from a place of desperation, and unconsciously I pushed forward with the idea to complete one. I didn’t even think about it at all, it just popped into my head and I was like right I’m going to my mom’s farm for two weeks and seeing how many songs I can produce. All up from start to release it was two months and eight days. It was a great relief that I could create something solid, and in my opinion (and the reception I’ve been given so far), in such a short amount of time. It just gave me a great belief that I really can do anything now. You really feel like a million bucks after your debut. 

Always a pretty special feeling completing a major project like that and having it out there to the world, what’s the feeling like now seeing it finished?

It’s great. It wasn’t too big of a promo or anything I’m just getting my bearings there, and haven’t facilitated media outlets or publications as such. I just pushed it out with the intention that it was something that is there for people to enjoy once they find me or are already following my work. It’s 13 tracks on SoundCloud 12 everywhere else. So many ‘genres’ it’s crazy. So yeah. It’s done. And I won’t be too critical of it and what I didn’t do or did do 🙂 

If you had to describe your music to someone, how would you do it?

You know what, I’ve uttered Alternative, but look it honestly is. It’s experimental. it’s not too far out there. I love catchy shit, sometimes a hook that flosses hard, harmony’s n shit, great melodies, just mucking around seeing how I can keep it fresh. Rock, Rap, Emo, Metal, Country, R&B, soul, all in one song sometimes. It’s funny I used to fuck with boom-bap a lot after first getting introduced to Mobb deep, KRS one, Big L, etc. Getting boom-bap down and freestyling at such an early age has allowed me to slide little bits and pieces of it in my music. It’s like its a lesson I’m glad I learned. My music It’s unorthodox as fuck and honestly, I think people are unsure of what I got going on as I don’t stick to one sound. I’ll release an r&b song, then a trappy stadium filler, then an emo country tune. Something a bit different to say the least haha.

2020 is already ticking on, what are your future music plans looking like?

I have made an EP ‘Cemetery Roads’ it is all one THEME and still has different sounds within the four tracks but mostly melancholic dark brooding but also a little bit of country r&b. It’s just all the flavours. It is hands down my best work to date. It also comes from a hard place, a time in my life when I was younger and not as in control of my emotions. It’s about a girl. But it’s also about the feelings and the places where I went physically and in my head surrounding this girl. I’m aiming to finish off two music videos shortly for released tracks and film two back to back videos for the EP. As far as everything else goes. I’m going to continue to push hard. Do what I got to do. Get my music everywhere and have fun. 🙂 cheers Something Different!

Check out Yung Grave’s newest single below’

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