Young Gho$t and FETU: Leaky Nose

May 7, 2020

Young Gho$t and FETU combine on the action-packed anthem ‘Leaky Nose.’

Set upon a bouncy Chronic Shnxman produced instrumental, ‘Leaky Nose’ sees the two Wellington-based artists immersing themselves in the party lifestyle. 

Packed full of tongue in cheek wordplay and clever punchlines, ‘Leaky Nose’ paints a picture of a big weekend bender without glamourizing it. In an almost documentary-style narrative, the two rappers outline what to expect when going big on a night out. Full of self-deprecating humour ‘Leaky Nose’ is an upbeat and immersive track seeing the artists shine.

Both artists have been behind a series of impressive releases in 2020 and ‘Leaky Nose’ seeks to continue their run of form. With a full length projected expected to be released in the future about there is a lot to be excited about in the Wellington hip-hop scene.

You can stream ‘Leaky Nose’ below.

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