Will Pegg: Shiny Shoes

April 30, 2020
Will Pegg

Wellington-based musician Will Pegg returns with the release of his new track “Shiny Shoes.” 

Will Pegg first came on to the music scene in 2018 with the release of his self written and self-produced debut E.P. “Element,” released with the help of Independent record label Prologue Studios Ltd. 

“Shiny Shoes” marks Pegg’s first release since his 2018 single “Him”. Pegg is undoubtedly a good melody writer, you can find catchy hooks and instrumental lines throughout his body of work. “Shiny Shoes” is no exception. “Shiny Shoes” flows incredibly well, the keyboard melody is uplifting and carries the song well.

Pegg layers vocal tracks incredibly well, he layers his vocal harmonies in the choruses and it showcases his dynamic range as a vocalist. Lyrically Pegg isn’t exploring uncharted territory. “Shiny Shoes” for the most part is about the financial and mental hardships involved with being a musician but he finds solace in the person with the shiny shoes. The concept is executed well here “Shiny Shoes” more or less is about longing for someone which is an idea that is relatable to most people. 

“Shiny Shoes” is a solid release from Pegg. It shows that he is a very capable songwriter. The song is a good addition to his growing catalogue and Pegg is a musician worth paying attention to.   

Pegg is currently enrolled in the Massey University Contemporary Music Programme and is in the process of creating a 16 track solo album. 

You can listen to Shiny Shoes here;

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