Will McClean: One Way Road

January 15, 2021

Will McClean returns with his first release of the new year, with the song ‘One Way Road’. The single comes after a productive 2020 for the Wellington rapper, having released a 2 track EP ‘E rua waiata pt. I’, as well as his mixtape ‘Can’t Sleep, I’m Dreaming.’ The new single is a passionate and pensive track that shows the artist at his most honest and forthright.

The track shows the rapper letting out his frustrations about the problems he faces with relationships and life. With lyrics that show him opening up about trust issues and a need to cut out distractions in his personal life to focus on his own path. Will delivers his lines with high energy and palpable emotion that make it hard not to feel his passion and frustrations.

The production on the song is both soothing and intense. With trap drums built around a silky vocal sample, deep bass synths & wavy atmospheric pads. All coming together to perfectly match the moody, ruminative emotional themes of the song.

Will McClean kicks off the year strongly with this new single and shows the rappers laser focus and work ethic. And is a great reminder in 2021 to avoid distractions and focus on the path ahead of you.

You can check it out below.

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