Will McClean: e rua waiata pt.1

September 9, 2020

Wellington rapper Will McClean returns with a double release in ‘e rua waiata pt. I’.

The songs follow from his mixtape ‘Can’t Sleep, I’m Dreaming’ which was released in July. The two new songs are both laid back hip-hop tracks. Will said he wrote the tracks over the past two months when he had “a weight on his shoulders finally lift off.”

The first track ‘B&C (Blunts & Clouds)’ is a relaxed, hazy affair with slick bars delivered by the artist’s signature smooth flow. The beat is driven by a smooth bassline and the lyrics reflect on the mundane adventures of day to day life. 

The second track ‘Summer Knights’ is equally as laid back and introspective. With foggy pads and a driving bass synth, the beat creates an emotive, sentimental atmosphere. With the lyrics reminiscing on summer nights in the past, when times were less complicated and stressful.

Will McClean’s prompt return with these two new singles is definitely one to be welcomed. Perfect as a soundtrack for a smoke break or a sunset cruise around the city. 

Check out the tracks below.

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