Whisper Dish: They Don’t Know

November 25, 2020

Whisper Dish release debut single, ‘They Don’t Know’.

Whisper Dish is the new project of former Marlin’s Dreaming guitarist Tim McNaughton. 

Basing the project upon a DIY approach with the limited gear he owns, Tim has been teaching himself audio engineering through trial and error in a makeshift cottage studio. The result of this learning process is a 7 track EP with varying tempos and styles, mainly rooted in alternative rock. Tim has decided to go down this path to contrast against his previous experiences in professional recording studios. His hopes in this endeavour were to learn some of the trade himself and to tackle the recording process from a different perspective. Tim’s debut single ‘They Don’t Know’ has been released on Table Talk Records. 

A soft kick-drum with a steady 4/4 pulse immediately entices the listener. With a riff that seems like it was formulated somewhere on an E-blues scale; the songs immediately identifiably delectable. As an ex-scarfie, I can describe the listening process as ‘a trip to times gone by’. Easily described as ‘surfer rock psychedelia nostalgia’, ‘They Don’t Know’ is brash, catchy and ‘groovy baby’. 

With the overall mix on the quieter side, there are moments where the guitar overpowers the vocals (which I would have loved to hear more of). However, upon each listen is it evident that each part of the orchestration has been meticulously adorned with a ‘driving groove’. Each instrumental line seems to amalgamate into another, solidifying the sense of psychedelia. The track is trippy with a comparison to the ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Era covered in a generous coating of Tame Impala-esque freshness. 

Still, though, it is fair to say that the track is not what I expected but what I needed. With a saturation of heavily produced tracks flooding the market it is nice to hear that music like this still exists. The ‘Dunedin’ sound is totally unique and unable to be recreated anywhere else other than New Zealand. Whisper Dish is already a diamond in the rough. 

With a plethora of musical credits including millions of streams across all social streaming platforms with former band Marlin’s Dreaming as well as performing to hundreds of thousands of fans, it is an exciting time to see McNaughton’s new direction. If his previous accolades are anything to go by – we are certainly in for a treat.

Check out the track below.

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