Whisper Dish: EP

February 12, 2021
Whisper Dish

Auckland based Whisper Dish have released their highly anticipated debut project.

“EP” is self-produced by Whisper Dish frontman, Tim McNaughton, who takes a more lo-fi approach to the production on “EP.” This gives Whisper Dish both a distinct sound and a distinct aesthetic. McNaughton goes for a more retro feel on “EP” that works immensely well.

“EP” opens with the single “They Don’t Know”, which right from the get-go, demonstrates Whisper Dish’s songwriting capabilities. “They Don’t Know” is an uptempo, catchy song with a solid groove. “They Don’t Know” harkens back to the ‘Jimi Hendrix’ era with a coat of contemporary paint.

“EP” is a guitar-driven record. Tracks like “What To Do For Free” and “Until The Sun” have catchy,guitar-driven melodies that borrow elements from surf rock. The tracks are a demonstration of McNaughton’s ability to write interesting instrumental hooks. This, along with the slightly distorted guitar tones, low-fi production, and vocals that are lower in the mix give “EP” more of a retro feel.

In terms of vocal performances, McNaughton gives a captivating performance throughout the EP, even if he vocals are at times de-emphasised and almost lost in the mix. McNaughton has a dynamic voice and his vocal cords lend themselves nicely to the sound he has created.

In terms of lyrical content, Whisper Dish offers up an array of interesting subject matter. “Painted” explores the idea of buying someone’s love; “She says, how can you afford to spoil me, you fraud? Lend your money to the poor then they know what they’re in for.” The closing track “Slow” has a colourful melody to the instrumentals which match perfectly with the sense of yearning in the lyrics; “It’s time to leave now, wasting my day.”

“EP” is a strong first outing by Whisper Dish. McNaughton delivers a collection of songs that are both inherently catchy and interesting. In a climate that heavily emphasizes production, it is a nice change of pace and a breath of fresh air to hear a more lo-fi approach to song production. 

“EP” is a testament to McNaughton’s talent as a musician and it is an EP that is definitely worth your time.

You can listen to it here.

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