Wells* – Night & Day

February 6, 2020

Auckland based musician Wells* takes a step forward in his new single ‘Night & Day’. Over a catchy melody Wells* seeks to acknowledge the end of a relationship to start a-new. 

Not your typical break-up song, Wells* explains that although both parties have moved on, it’s not all hard feelings, “It’s hard to stay friends with your ex. What gave me the most freedom was when I stopped trying to make something tumultuous feel like it was healthy. However, cutting ties didn’t mean I stopped feeling for her.”

Looking to turn a new leaf ‘Night and Day’ acts as the final goodbye for Wells*, who reflects upon the passing of the relationship with grace. “For me, it felt all-consuming for months, but I wanted my confusion and disdain to be met with love, so the chorus represents that as a sort of metaphorical olive branch. We haven’t been speaking for about 7 months now, and I still mean it when I say I’d be there for her but that doesn’t mean I would be happy about it.”

‘Night & Day’ follows the Auckland artist’s well-received EP ‘Tape 1’, and is the first and only single from his upcoming project ‘Tape 2’. Looking to expand on his songwriting capabilities Wells* enlisted the help of Matt Clampitt who helped arrange and structure the session.

The past couple of years have seen Wells* quietly honing his skills; on the one hand as a session musician for artists such as Robinson, Thomston and Navvy – and on the other hand working on songwriting & production for a variety of NZ-based artists.

Check out ‘Night & Day’ for yourself below; 

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