Wells* Depressed

December 4, 2020

Artist and producer Wells* returns with the catchy new Indie-Pop single, ‘Depressed.’

Wells* delivers a candid, upbeat, and fun song. There is a lot to love in the big, catchy choruses riddled with a strong vocal hook, and fun beat. The production of the song is fantastic. ‘Depressed’ sounds polished, with the vocal effects and layering of tracks in the chorus sounding larger than life. 

Despite the name of the song, ‘Depressed’ is not a melancholic track. Instead, Wells* delivers a more self-empowering Pop song. The chorus has the line: “I’m taking a beating, I feel defeated, but I’m putting one foot in front of the next but I still feel depressed,” despite the nature of the lyrics, the tone of the vocal performance, coupled with the upbeat instrumentals give the song a more positive and inspiring connotation. 

In speaking on the lyrics Josh Naley, AKA Wells* has said: “I was depressed for such a long time; I felt like I had tried everything to be happy and nothing was changing. I had lost sight of what it feels like to be happy – in the same way, you forget what it’s like to be healthy when you have a cold.” The relatability in this sentiment and Wells*’ powerful vocal performance make the song both relatable as well as catchy. 

Written by Naley and co-produced with friend and collaborator Struan Finlay (Navvy, Blue Nude, Josh Mac), ‘Depressed’ lays down the foundations for the release of “Tape 3” – the third instalment in a series of mini EPs. There is a lot to love about Wells’ music for any Indie, Pop, or rock fan. 

You can stream the song here: 

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