VÏKÆ: Finelines

August 7, 2020

VÏKÆ returns with a new fierce pop-anthem in ‘Finelines’. The first single from her upcoming EP, ‘Finelines’ sees the songstress exploring the adverse effects of New Zealand’s binge-drinking culture.

Produced by long-term collaborator Abigail Knudson (MISSY), ‘Finelines’ is a bass-heavy bop seeing VÏKÆ shine. Full of attitude and funk, ‘Finelines’ is a testament to the artist’s songwriting ability. Exploring topics related to mental health and fatigue from the drinking culture in New Zealand, the track is an exciting introduction to her upcoming EP. 

Speaking on the track VÏKÆ explains the toll party culture can have on your mental health, “There’s a fine line between the good times and the problems we have inside”. Drawing inspiration from her days living in Dunedin VÏKÆ unpacks the dangers of immersing yourself in the nightlife.

Packed full of authenticity and raw emotion, ‘Finelines’ is the embodiment of the artist’s DIY approach to her craft. Drawing inspiration from her Ukrainian heritage, the track is a representation of VÏKÆ’s bold approach to artistry.

With her EP set for a 4th of September release, there is a lot more in store for VÏKÆ.

Check out ‘Finelines’ below.

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