VÏKÆ: Angry Girl

December 4, 2020

Having released her debut EP, ‘Finelines’ and coming off the back of a national tour, Industrial ‘Goth’ Pop artist, VÏKÆ is rounding off 2020 on another high with the surprise release of her new single ‘Angry Girl.’

‘Angry Girl’ is another strong release from the artist who is quickly building an impressive catalogue of songs. The track incorporates elements of different genres of music, with big industrial sounding beats in the chorus coupled with a strong Pop vocal melody. The softer verses that build into the more instrumentally heavy choruses drop and build momentum throughout the track and give the song a nice flow. 

VÏKÆ has always been one to wear her heart on her sleeve and put a lot of personal experience and emotion in her lyrics. ‘Angry Girl’ sees the musician exonerating more of an aggressive, angsty tone in her lyricism. Lyrics such “You were such a bitch with your shady behaviour,” and “I am a typical, cynical, angry girl” show a different side to the musician. VÏKÆ has described the inspiration behind ‘Angry Girl’ as “Pent up rebellion against a society that is systematically broken.” 

Vikae delivers as strong of vocal performance as ever. The musician has an incredibly powerful voice and can sing with emotion. You can hear the aggression and frustration in Vikae’s voice, especially in the pre-choruses. The overdubbed vocals and delay effect on the vocal tracks in the chorus give the song a strong hook that is inherently catchy. 

‘Angry Girl’ was produced by longtime collaborator and mentor, Abigail Knudson and is accompanied by an outrageous music video which sees the young artist performing the song in the middle of Auckland’s Cornwall Park. 

‘Angry Girl’ is another solid release from Vikae. With 2021 shaping up to be another exciting year for the musician, you can catch Vikae headlining Mix Festival this New Year’s Eve in Oamaru and performing at Bay Dreams in Nelson in 2021. 

You can stream ‘Angry Girl’ here.

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