VïKÆ and PRINS Gig Review

October 1, 2020

To celebrate the release of each of their respective debut EPs, musicians VïKÆ and PRINS are hitting the North and South Island for a series of shows.

The tour kicked off in Christchurch at Stranges Lane, where emerging R&B/Pop singer Amber Carley Williams opened.

Williams, a loop pedal artist inspired by the likes of Tash Sultana, took to the stage with only her red telecaster and gave an incredible performance. Williams has an incredibly powerful voice and when looped gave her a much fuller sound.

Williams performed a fantastic set and started the night off on a high. At only eighteen years of age, Williams already shows an immense amount of talent and is a musician to look out for.

After a short intermission, Auckland musician VïKÆ took to the stage in celebration of the release of her debut EP ‘Finelines.’

VïKÆ performed a mix of up-tempo Pop tracks and softer piano music which showed her diversity as a musician. Performing without a backing band VïKÆ has a strong stage presence. There is a lot of heart and depth to Vikae’s songs and she performs them with that same fiery emotion live. The audience jived with the lyrical content that she touches on in her music, yelling out in agreement as she openly talked about the themes of toxic relationships, struggles with mental health, and self-deprecation that is present throughout the EP.

VïKÆ is a classically trained singer and she used every chance to showcase the range in her voice during her performance. Stranges Lane has become a somewhat iconic Christchurch venue post-earthquake. Being outside the acoustics were perfect as the music floated through the venue which was perfect for VïKÆ. Her hit single ‘Rumours’ went down a treat with the audience as did ‘#fakefriends’ which closed out her set.

PRINS closed out the night promoting her debut EP, ‘Magnetic.’

PRINS has been causing a stir in the New Zealand music scene having played the Edge’s New Years Eve Festival and being slated for Electric Avenue next year. PRINS is a musician that is on the rise and it isn’t hard to see why. Performing with a full backing band PRINS has an incredible charisma about her with the crowd hanging on every word. ‘Magnetic’ is a strong debut EP and each song went over well.

With the audience being an interesting mix of generations, PRINS ended the show on a high by performing a stellar cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’, which got near everyone off their seats and dancing.

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