Vayne: Gutta Girl

August 3, 2020

Vayne takes the New Zealand scene by storm once again with her newest EP ‘Gutta Girl’. With an impressive run of singles over the past 2 years and even more groundwork before that, the accomplished rapper has returned with her much-awaited debut project.

Over the past few years, Vayne has been consistently dropping tracks including ‘Pain’, ‘YUCK’ and ‘waitwait!’ that have brought her widespread recognition and praise from local hip hop fans. Bringing both a refreshing sound and perspective to the New Zealand music scene.

Her new 6 track EP is an extremely charming and personal dive into her world. The project displays Vayne’s signature catchy hooks and hypnotic flows. With lyrical themes centred around the journey of attaining success as an artist, as well as the struggles that come with interpersonal relationships, Vayne delivers her stories with laudable honesty and emotion.

Speaking on the project Vayne explains, “A Gutta Girl to me is mana wahine, someone who perseveres through dark times. Certain things that have happened to me in my life lead me to feel like I was in some sort of dark realm, which I called the Gutta. Gutta Girl is a past version of myself that I’ll always cherish and I know there are other Gutta Girls out there trying to find their way in life despite their struggles.”

All of the beats on the project provide an ethereal but intimate atmosphere. With ambient bells, cloudy pads & crisp drums all contributing to the EP’s cohesive and concise production. This is achieved by the masterful work from producers LMC, Montell2099, Saya & Rio Leyva. All of whom add new sounds whilst keeping the entire project’s atmosphere consistent.

Highlights from the project include ‘Make It’ (ft. Church Leon) and ‘My Best Yet’. As well as ’Uh Huh’, which has a music video out now, co-directed and filmed by Connor Pritchard with FX by Shipping Proof and animation by Yukimura.

‘Gutta Girl’ is a refreshing addition to New Zealand’s hip hop landscape, providing much needed new sounds and style to the culture. But more importantly, gives us an immersive and sincere look into who Vayne is as an artist.

You can check out ‘Gutta Girl’ below.

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