Vautier: Stars On My Side

June 29, 2019
Vautier Starry Eyed

What originally started as a hobby, has turned into so much more for Auckland musician Vautier. The genre-bending artist has been behind a series of moody and melodic releases that refuse to be placed in a box.

Growing up inspired by a mix of hip/hop, rock and grunge, Vautier’s influences were broad. This has allowed for a dynamically evolving sound, with the artist trying his hand in creating a variety of different music, which includes his viral track ‘How It Was’. Released in 2017 the track more or less ‘blew up’ over-night eventually going on to achieve over 500,000 streams and landing in the ‘NZ Viral Charts’. Vautier describes the moment as “surreal”, after the music he began making for fun, went on to be heard by listeners from around the globe.

Inspired by the success of his early releases, Vautier has gone on to achieve much more. This includes a five week European tour with 2016 Battle of The Band’s winner, ‘The Rubics’. With the hard-working artist writing, recording and mixing every aspect of his tracks, we can certainly expect more to come.

Check out his recent single ‘Stars On My Side’ below, which represents his journey as an artist and continued experimentation.

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