Vallè: Trip Advisor

April 23, 2020

Emerging New Zealand artist Vallè has returned with his new single “Trip Advisor.” Vallè wrote the song as a dedication to his homeland Papua New Guinea, and with the help of New Zealand on Air, shot the accompanying music video on location in Papua New Guinea. 

“Trip Advisor” is Vallè’s first release since he dropped his mixtape “Care For Me” earlier in the year. “Trip Advisor” is Vallè at his most personal and is one of his best songs to date. Lyrically Vallè is reminiscing about his roots and his family, in a very uplifting and empowering way. The song is upbeat and catchy highlighting Vallè’s ability as a strong songwriter, he creates interesting hooks and “Trip Advisor” is a showcase of his capabilities as a musician. 

The accompanying music video is exceptional. It captures the essence of the song perfectly. The video was filmed on location in the capital of Papua New Guinea and Vallè’s childhood home, Port Moresby,  and it essentially educates his audience on his culture and his upbringing. There is a wide variety of locations and activities represented here which gives a fantastic insight into Vallè’s roots. This ultimately gives the artist greater context in terms of his cultural significance, we’ve seen where he is now and now we get to see where he was. 

You can watch the music video here;

You can stream Trip Advisor here;

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