Thorington: Maybe They Love You

August 19, 2020

After releasing a string of singles, Auckland based musician Thorington has released his debut EP ‘Maybe They Love You’.

‘Maybe They Love You’ is a collection of three genre-bending songs that are both experimental and catchy.

The opening track, ‘If I Could Die Again’, is the perfect introduction to Thorington’s sound. The reverb-soaked, retro-sounding guitar intro melts into the funky keyboard hook. The track then builds to a crescendo with a Prince-influenced guitar solo that closes out the song. 

‘Move Yourself Away’ blends elements of funk and electronic music. This blend works fantastically well and highlights Thronton’s capabilities as a songwriter.

The title track, ‘Maybe They Love You’, features an upbeat, funky piano line and closes out the EP in a perfect manner. Like the previous tracks, it blends elements of pop and funk to create a unique sound. 

Thorington delivers fantastic vocal performances throughout the EP. He has a unique sounding voice that blends perfectly with the instrumentals. Thorington’s lyrical style is very introverted, he is singing about personal issues, but does it in a way that is easily relatable and will grab the listener. 

‘Maybe They Love You’ is an EP that isn’t afraid to take risks. Adam Thein mixed and mastered all of the tracks, with Yuki co-producing ‘If I could Die Again’ and ‘Maybe They Love You.’ New Zealand artists Elor and Liam Barr Jones make instrumental appearances with luscious guitar additions. Thorington showcases an immense amount of talent and promise on this EP. He is a musician to look out for. 

You can stream the EP here; 

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