The Nighthawk Experience: Current Lies

May 25, 2020
Nighthawk Experience

The animated musical project The Nighthawk Experience has released their debut EP “Current Lies.”

Auckland musician Scott McDonald-Bull is the mastermind behind this ambitious undertaking. “Current Lies” is a well-rounded five-track EP. “Current Lies” and the accompanying music videos for “Current Lies” and “Human Nature” follow two different characters; Kage, a 17-year-old boy who feels nihilistic about the world and is trying to find meaning and purpose. And Yume, a 17-year-old girl who has had her life laid out for her by everyone around her before everything gets turned upside down and leaves her needing to make sense of it.

The videos both share an anime-esque aesthetic and although the animations are a little bit choppy in places they bring to life the world that The Nighthawk Experience is creating with their music. McDonald-Bull composed and played all of the instrumentation on the EP. “Current Lies” never becomes predictable and each track is unique and interesting. The Nighthawk Experience builds songs to create very big and powerful choruses. The musicianship that McDonald-Bull shows on “Current Lies” is exceptional and a testament to his talent as a songwriter. “Current Lies” is a rock EP through and through but there are elements of pop and indie music thrown into the mix.

For a debut EP and a solo outing “Current Lies” is a fantastic introduction to The Nighthawk Experience. McDonald-Bull shows an exceptional amount of ambition and talent on this release. The Nighthawk Experience is just that, an experience, one that is worth having even out of curiosity. The Nighthawk Experience blends world-building and rock music in a way that is satisfying and worth your time.

You can stream the album here;

You can watch the music video for Current Lies here;

You can watch the music video for Human Nature here;

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