Taylor Roche: why can’t we?

February 18, 2021
Taylor Roche

Taylor Roche marks his first release of the year with the emotive new track ‘why can’t we?’.

A pop song at heart, ‘why can’t we?’ is an incredibly introspective track seeing Taylor mull over the complexities of love. The production on the track has a 90’s R&B groove and minimal feel to it.

Taylor croons over the stripped-back instrumentation offering a new viewpoint to the classic love song. Speaking on the track Taylor explains, “Rather than just a break-up song or just a love song, I wanted ‘why can’t we?’ to be a juxtaposition between the two, with the main story centred around the thought of ‘why can’t we just be here in this moment and say what we feel?”

Alongside the release of the single is a visual release that encapsulates the warm nostalgic feel of ‘why can’t we’?. With crackling grain and a VHS feel the video is set over the picturesque Port Hills. Wanting to portray an old-school vibe Taylor explains, “I brought into the frame an old Panasonic camcorder and an original vintage SANYO cassette player that my Dad had when he was a teenager during the 80s”.

Originally based in the US and Mexico performing as the lead vocalist for a nine-piece pop party band for the largest cruise line corporation in the world, Taylor returned to New Zealand in 2020. He is now based here and gearing up to reveal more of what he’s been crafting in the studio.

Check out the track below.

As well as the visuals.

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