Tarn PK: Serenity

October 23, 2020
Tarn PK

Tarn PK releases the serene single ‘Serenity’.

A song about “the weight of the world coming off your shoulders”, ‘Serenity’ is an introspective and touching release for the artist. 

Taking a step back to create something personal, the track is a refreshing moment for Tarn PK. Looking to rediscover his love for music, Tarn found inspiration in 70’s songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and John Martyn.

Lyrically the track touches on the experience of moving away from home, starting university and meeting his girlfriend. With a soul-stirring account of navigating through life’s new experiences, ‘Serenity’ is a sign of things to come for Tarn.

‘Serenity’ is set to be included in Tarn PK’s upcoming  EP ‘Monarch’.

You can check out ‘Serenity’ below.

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