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January 16, 2020
Tactus Media

TACTUS Media is an Auckland-based multimedia platform providing exposure to local music, fashion, art, and design. Officially launched in January of 2018, TACTUS has continued to grow and break new ground among the Auckland creative scene. Currently home to seven unique artists across different disciplines, TACTUS seeks to create a community and to foster a sense of collaboration between artists and the public.

Conceived by local hip-hop producer and manager Swami, TACTUS has expanded its roster and capabilities and developed as a collective. Swami explains the talent has always been in Auckland, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together. “I just wanted to build a network of Auckland artists across different disciplines and foster collaboration between them. That eventually turned into TACTUS. I wanted to have more of a hands-on influence on the direction of art and culture in Auckland. I felt like Auckland had all the talent, venues, and resources needed, but without the collaboration, platforms, and competition there was just a music industry.”

Since its inception, the goal of TACTUS Media has always been to foster a sense of community within Auckland. Creating shows is an important part of establishing this, but what TACTUS also wants to do is something a bit different. Swami explains that creating an ‘anything goes’ approach to live showcases and events will help break down barriers in the Auckland scene, and usher in a new wave of young creatives.

“For 2020 I’d say we have two main objectives that utilise the local talent, venues, and platforms to create the community we’ve always wanted to see in Auckland. We want to start putting on at least two shows a year to showcase upcoming local talent. But these events will also be a celebration of all the phenomenal art that’s come out of New Zealand so far, across all disciplines. These events will be our first attempt at trying to build that sense of community and collaboration from the ground up. Giving a platform for upcoming talent.”

Coming into 2020, the first event planned by the TACTUS platform and collective is a gig and gallery showcase celebrating a variety of talented local art. This showcase is scheduled to happen in March/April of this year. Swami is excited for the year ahead, looking to create some truly special live show experiences.

“Secondly, a project I’m personally super excited for is that we want to start bringing in a subsection of local performative artists. At the moment all of the artists in TACTUS are exclusively artistic producers who work behind the scenes; songwriters, journalists, designers, photographers & cinematographers. But we’re really excited to start having a database of artists that may not produce their own art but have the talents necessary to execute it. For example models, actors, instrumentalists, dancers & media personalities.”

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