Sweet Mix Kids: Get Serious

June 23, 2020
Sweet Mix Kids

Sweet Mix Kids have collaborated with MAYA and Rei on the track ‘Get Serious.’ 

Kiwi DJ/Production duo and VNZMA finalists Sweet Mix Kids have crafted a Trans-Tasman pop duet between Australian artist MAYA and New Zealand artist Rei. 

“Get Serious” is an upbeat, fun pop song. The blending of voices mixes well with MAYA and Rei complementing each other perfectly. MAYA has a powerful voice and carries the song with a strong performance. Rei incorporates Te Reo Maori into his vocal verses, and it works masterfully. Te Reo Music is, for the most part, underrepresented so it’s refreshing to hear it used effectively within a pop context. 

“Get Serious” feels like a summer anthem. The keyboard melodies are uplifting, and the lyric video incorporates an aesthetic that is reminiscent of hot summer evenings. The blending of these elements makes “Get Serious” a fun, empowering anthem. Lyrically “Get Serious” is about wanting to take a relationship to the next level but it doesn’t get too caught up in itself. MAYA and Rei trade vocal duties in the bridge that complement each other in terms of the lyrical narrative. It gives an extra flair to the song and really showcases the capabilities each vocalist has. 

“Get Serious” was mixed and mastered by Miles Walker who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and KYGO at Silent Sound Studios in Atlanta with the assistance of Ryan Jumper. “Get Serious” is a catchy, fun song that highlights some of the musical talent New Zealand and Australia has to offer. 

You can stream the track here;

You can watch the lyric video here; 

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