Svdfvce Emoji: Manifest

September 8, 2019

Svdfvce Emoji isn’t afraid to chase his goals on ‘Manifest’. With the pressure of family, work and commitments looming, the Christchurch rapper puts his dream on the line. After a string of recent releases, ‘Manifest’ caps an impressive run of form for the diligent artist.

The track tells the story of the rapper trying to figure it out. Battling threw the bumps and bruises of being an independent artist, Svdfvce Emoji has a clear goal in mind and isn’t afraid to express it.

Enlisting the prolific Dharmarat, ‘Manifest’ is an unforgiving anthem of hard work and dedication. If ‘Manifest’ is an example of the type of work we’ll be hearing more of from the rapper, then there is a lot to be excited about.

Check it out below;

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