Susannah: Katy

April 29, 2020

Auckland based folk pop-singer songwriter Susannah has released her debut single “Katy.”

“Katy” is a strikingly haunting song. The lyrics are very personal to Susannah and tell the story of the tapestry artist Katy Corner. There is a strong sense of foreboding to the track and Susannah drives the track with a soft, ambient like piano pattern that is both gripping and brings a sense of unease to the track. “Katy” is cinematic in the sense that Susannah layers instruments, starting with a single piano and slowly adding extra instruments and tracks which build the song to both a musical lyrical climax. 

The focus of “Katy” for the most part stays fixated on the lyrics. The vocals are captivating and Susannah delivers a gripping emotional performance. The track is interesting from start to finish and the imagery is captivating, acting as a lovely tribute to Katy Corner.   

“Katy” was produced, engineered and mastered by Susannah Bull’s brother and fellow musician Christopher Bull, who also performed the guitars and synths on the track. The pair showcases a lot of talent with this track. Susannah has proven herself to be a strong songwriter and shows promise and Christopher Bull does an exceptional job on the master. “Katy” is an excellent debut single and it will be interesting to see where Susannah goes from here. 

“Katy” is a very touching tribute to Katy Corner. Katy was a family friend of Susannah Bull’s parents and Susannah herself. Sussanah and Corner would see each other on the bus which they both caught into Wellington. Sussanah described Corner as a kind, caring and talented woman. Katy died in 2016 and never heard Bull’s song. 

Corner’s work is on display at Suite.

You can listen to “Katy” here;

You can view and find out more information about Katy Corner’s artworks here;

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