Solomon Crook: The Day I Thought About Dying

November 12, 2019
Solomon Crook

Possessing an awe-inspiring voice lathered with emotion, Wellington-based Solomon Crook is quickly beginning to stand out. Making his mark in the New Zealand music scene after placing 3rd at the Smokefree Rockquest in 2015, Solomon has gone on to release a series of emotionally charged songs. This includes his break out hit ‘Love Juice’, which rocketed to over 300’000 streams on Spotify.

Following this success comes the recently released ‘The Day I Thought About Dying’. The song blends layers of intricate and ambient instrumentation, alongside Solomon’s unmistakable voice and heartfelt lyrics to deliver a mighty song packed with emotion and meaning.

After the release of the video for the track, we caught up with Solomon to have a chat about some of his inspirations, how the song came together as well as his move to Wellington.

Check it out below;

Tell me a little bit more about yourself? Your early inspirations and what got you into music?

I grew up in a small village on the Coromandel called Opoutere. I always loved listening, dancing and singing to music; a lot of the older music I listened to growing up definitely inspired me to want to make music, I was always fascinated by how musicians did things.

How would you describe your style of music?

In terms of genre, I would say my music loosely fits into an Indie, alternative Pop sound. Words I would associate with my music include introspective, raw, organic and lush.

You moved to Wellington from Cambridge, what was that move like? Was it musically motivated?

Moving from a small town to a city was very exciting; the life of a city offers so many new things to explore. The reason I moved specifically to Wellington was for studies, I was doing the Bachelor of Commercial Music at Massey. But I also knew that it would be the perfect place to be surrounded by all types of creative’s.

You’ve just released a video for The Day I Thought About Dying, tell me more about the inspiration behind that?

The video was the creative vision of Oscar Keys. Oscar was able to beautifully enforce the narrative and feeling of the song without directly referencing it. The video suggests the idea of overcoming darkness and moving towards the light.

And a bit more about the song itself?

Musically, the vision for this track came from a place of collaboration; bringing different artists and producers together to make music. As the song developed lyrically it started to form a picture of loneliness and isolation, feelings I was experiencing at this time. In contrast to this, it also offers a sentiment of strength and hopefulness, the feeling that you can rise out of those times.

It seems the song was a real collaborative process, tell me more about what it’s like being able to work with others?

Working with other people is such a special process; taking on other people’s creative ideas and intertwining them with your own offers unexpected and exciting discoveries. This track began towards the beginning of last year where I had made a beat and written the first verse over it. I then brought the track to a writing camp I had organized for a collaborative project I was executive producing at the time. Different ideas were thrown around and the song started to take more shape.

A month or so later I asked Tyrun to have a writing session with me; this is when we wrote the chorus and the song started to take its form. Late last year Devin Abrams asked if he could produce the track and this collaboration is what has lead it into its final form.

The song delves deep into emotion, why do you think music can be a good medium to express feelings and ideas that can be difficult to talk about?

I think because it is so emotive, it offers a way to truly connect with people more than just words can. Not only this, I think music can leave a lot up for personal interpretation which is beautiful because everyone can associate their own experiences and feelings to a song and take different things from it.

Tell me more about your upcoming EP?

I’m still in the process of writing it, but it is coming together. I will be working with Devin Abrams, Neil Mcleod as well as other producers and musicians to make collaboration a big part of the process. I think this EP will take things from my most recent release ‘The Day I Thought About Dying’ but also things from my first project, Abandon Adolescence.

You can watch the video for ‘The Day I Thought About Dying’ below;

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