So Below: Left Behind

October 21, 2020
So Below

New Zealand born and now Los Angeles based artist, So Below, has released her debut album ‘Left Behind.’

Following on from EPs ‘So Below’ and ‘II’, So Below has released her highly anticipated first album. ‘Left Behind’ features 13 tracks from the Goth-pop chanteuse. So Below has a Goth-Pop aesthetic that shines through on the album. Throughout her EPs So Below has crafted a uniquely individual sound. Her sound has a distinctly dark and moody Electro-Pop element that wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack to a Nicholas Winding Refn film. 

The track ‘Bone’ showcases So Below’s ability to create catchy, distinctive hooks. The heavily processed vocals fuse perfectly with the electronic beats and synthesizers that brings a dark charm to her sound. ‘Us’ sees So Below incorporating a guitar hook. ‘Us’ is an inherently catchy song, with the synthesizers building to create another strong instrumental hook. ‘Clear’ is another stand out track on the album. The track has an intensely powerful chorus which contrasts perfectly with the soft verses and strong vocal harmonies. So Below is good at building momentum within a song. Tracks such as ‘Old’ and ‘Sway’ start quite simplistic and then steadily build tension to a crescendo before a release. 

‘Fool’ was co-written by Alisa Xayalith from ‘The Naked and Famous’, with Aaron Short from Space Above handling mixing duties. ‘Fool’ has some of the standout vocal melodies on the record. The soothing Naked and Famous-Esque instrumentals blend perfectly well with So Below’s vocal performance and highlight her capability as a vocalist. ‘Fool’ tackles subject matter about relationships which is left field for the artist, but it helps the song to stand out amongst some of the darker songs on the album. 

‘Left Behind’ is a fantastic debut album. So Below creates a vivid aesthetic on ‘Left Behind.’ The production and mixing on the album are exquisite and there is a lot of life to the tracklisting.

‘Left Behind’ has solidified herself as one of New Zealand’s artists to watch. 

You can stream the album here.

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