Skymachine: Tangier

January 29, 2021

Alt-pop act, Skymachine releases “Tangier,” the second instalment of their Saturday Night Sting series. 

Led by New Zealand producer Brydon, Skymachine has always had an affection for 80’s pop romanticism, “Tangier” continues that love. Following on from the release “All The Time,” “Tangier” weaves the story of finding someone you can’t live without, and doing everything you can to convince them to stay with you no matter what. 

There is an overly romantic element to the song. The overlapping synthesizers that drop in and out during the verses, the simplistic, yet catchy drum beat that drives the song, and the guitar licks match the tone of the lovesick lyrics perfectly and give the song a distinctively 80s feel. 

Skymachine has always been an outfit that prides itself on aesthetic and “Tangier” is no exception. The accompanying music video switches between seaside footage shot at dusk, and the band performing in a darkened studio space, lightened by a series of fluorescent lights behind them. Director John Ross does a fantastic job. The music video is incredibly well shot, the colour scheme is gorgeous, and it captures the nostalgic 80s vibe perfectly. 

Speaking on the track, frontman Brydon has said: “I have always loved the idea of just packing a suitcase and jumping on a plane with a one-way ticket. If you met someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, could you leave everything behind to be with them? Tangier is that feeling.” 

Having completed two rounds of their “Secret Spots Tour,” which saw the band performing at geothermal waterfalls, WWIIarmy bunkers, and seaside cliffs around New Zealand, Skymachine is a band that is quickly gaining traction both in New Zealand and abroad. 

If you have an affinity towards 80s music or the aesthetic as a whole then you will find a lot to love about Skymachine and “Tangier.” 

You can watch the music video for “Tangier” here: 

And stream the song below.

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