Skymachine: All The Time

November 7, 2020

Christchurch based group Skymachine has released their new single ‘All The Time.’ 

Formed last minute for a friend who needed an act at a local venue, Skymachine is an alt-pop act led by New Zealand producer Brydon. Having already started to gain a decent amount of traction both in New Zealand and internationally, ‘All The Time’ is the first single from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Saturday Night Sting.’ 

‘All The Time’ is a fantastic single. It shows how Skymachine have built upon the sound that they defined in their earlier singles. The tapestry of keyboards, upbeat drum track and overall groove of the track make the song inherently catchy. There is moody weightedness to the single. Lyrically, the single tackles issues of love and relationships. The single concludes that love will never feel perfect and that’s normal. 

Compared to the likes of M83, Foster the People, and St Lucia, Skymachine captures the feeling of youth and ambition that those acts achieved so well. ‘All The Time’ is a strong first single off what is set to be a promising EP. 

Skymachine has completed two rounds of their ‘Secret Spots Tour,’ in which they have performed at geothermal waterfalls, WWII Bunkers, and clifftops all around New Zealand, with locations kept secret until the day of the show. Skymachine is a band that is not shy to innovate, and experiment. ‘All The Time’ encompasses that in terms of the overall tone of the song it’s a step away from some of their previous work but it displays the band’s ability to write good pop songs. Skymachine is a band to keep your eye on. 

You can listen to ‘All The Time’ here.

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