SHLI: Nightcaps

September 25, 2020

Christchurch producer SHLI emerges with his debut single Nightcaps

The title track of his upcoming EP, ‘Nightcaps’ is a haunting and moody electronic piece. 

Drawing influences from the likes of Burial, Yung Sherman and Gud, the EP features four ethereal and ambient songs refined from a collection of original demos he created last year with the help of SOLE Music Academy mentor KAMANDI.

Representing a sign of things to come, ‘Nightcaps’ is a statement piece for SHLI. Speaking on the upcoming project the young artist explains, “My music is influenced geographically through my city and what’s happened to it over my time living here. The concept behind the ‘Nightcaps’ EP is very much centred around nature and the baron Southern landscapes.” 

With a mesh of ambient and ethereal sounds, ‘Nightcaps’ is a track perfect for a late-night drive through the city.

You can check it out below.

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