Scapegoat MERCY: Northland Grass

December 18, 2020

Scapegoat MERCY soaks up the summer vibes in new EP Northland Grass.

Northland Grass is a two-track EP seeing Scapegoat MERCY combine elements of Hip-Hop, funk and UK electronica, with an infectious result. Enlisting collaborators in Dharmarat and Eshi Avizodn, the EP is an exciting release for the artist.

‘Fire’ is a head-bobbing beat seeing Scapegoat MERCY and Dharmarat unleash an unrelenting series of witty bars and punchlines, while ‘Let’s Get Live’ enlists Eshi Avizodn across lush and stripped-back production.

The EP follows the release of Scapegoat MERCY’s album ‘XXX’, and marks the start of a new chapter for the rapper/producer.

You can check out ‘Northland Grass’ below.

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