SAM V and bKIDD: Cruisin

September 25, 2020
Sam V

Leading up to the release of their forthcoming ‘Cruisin EP,’ SAM V and bKIDD have released the new single ‘Cruisin.’

‘Cruisin’ is a fun, catchy R&B song that incorporates elements of Hip Hop. SAM V and bKIDD have fantastic chemistry, their voices complement each other well and the differing vocal styles give them an all-around appeal. The sound on ‘Cruisin’ is a soulful callback to 90’s R&B/Hip Hop collaborations, but with a modern take. 

The verses feature a very dreamy clean guitar with a chorus effect that sounds very sensual to the ears and lends itself beautifully to SAM V’s vocal style. The chorus is big and catchy with lots of overlapping guitar tracks and a soulful performance by SAM V. bKIDD delivers a fantastic performance on the opening verse. bKIDD has a strong flow to his lyricism and ‘Cruisin’ plays to his strengths as a rap artist.

Conor Pritchard directed the music video. Prichard offers what can only be described as an artistically humorous music video. It is brilliantly shot with the nuances and facial expressions of SAM V, bKIDD and the background characters adding a pinch of humour to the video. The music video looks fantastic and compliments the song well. 

As the title suggests ‘Cruisin’ demands to be listened to while ‘Cruisin’ down the road, so wind the windows down and crank the music up!

The ‘Cruisin EP’ is set to release on October 9th. Both SAM V and bKIDD are also set to release solo projects before the end of the year. 

You can stream the single below:

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