Sam Cullen: 1000x

September 4, 2020
Sam Cullen

Sam Cullen releases his debut EP ‘1000x’.

Following from the release of his singles ‘Love Lies’ and ‘All Night Long’, the EP is a coming together of ideas for the Wellington-based artist. 

Written across the last three years, the six tracks blend elements of rock and alternative pop for a truly unique sound. Influenced by his upbringing in Invercargill, ‘1000x’ is a cohesive and dynamic listening experience making full use of Cullen’s songwriting ability. 

Alongside the release of the EP is an NZ On Air funded video for ‘1000x’. The video sees Sam running through a variety of picturesque New Zealand locations while escaping an angry mob. 

With beautiful storytelling narratives weaved between powerful and engaging production, ‘1000x’ is a brilliant listen from start to finish.

You can check it out below.

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