RyeChi: INTMT2

October 20, 2020

RyeChi has released the action-packed EP ‘INTMT2’.

A follow up to his initial ‘The Intimate EP’, ‘INTMT2’ is a fine return to form for the Christchurch rapper. Merging traditional old school hip-hop sounds with a modern twist, RyeChi has a unique sound that refuses to be placed in a box.

Produced entirely by Bailey Watson, ‘INTMT2’ is an exceptional coming together of ideas for the pair. Enlisting fellow Christchurch MC’s in Big Sima and Frost Naughty, the EP is full of standout moments. 

To celebrate the release of the EP, RyeChi is playing at Arcadia in Christchurch on October 30th.

You can check out ‘INTMT2’ below.

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