Rizzo: Royal Blue

November 27, 2020

Auckland hip-hop artist Rizzo releases new EP, ‘Royal Blue’.

‘Royal Blue’ is the 2nd EP released by hip hop artist Rizzo. The writing for the project was started during the Level 4 lockdown, with the project being named after the classic Jordan 1’s that Rizzo was wearing whilst recording the songs.

Following his previous EP ‘BTM’ released earlier this year, Rizzo returns with an eight-track project full of lavish, melancholic songs. The project boasts a diverse range of musical styles from Hip Hop/R&B to Afrobeat and Electronic music. Each song on the EP is completely different from the last, making the entire listen constantly fresh and exciting. The ruminative lyrics of the project reflect on relationships, ambitions & past ordeals. Rizzo’s smooth flows, cadence & catchy hooks make every song a hypnotic experience.

The project is entirely produced, mixed and mastered by his two close collaborators Vision and Boyo. The refined production manages to set a consistent atmosphere and keep the energy of the EP exciting at the same time. With emotive melodies perfectly matching Rizzo’s impassioned delivery, the crisp and masterful production by the two producers elevates the EP to another level. ‘Royal Blue’ provides a great level of variety with its different musical styles, whilst maintaining a cohesive sound and style.

‘Royal Blue.’ is an emotive and atmospheric EP filled with catchy songs, supported by phenomenal production. Proving that Rizzo is destined to shine as one of New Zealand’s next best hip hop artists.

You can check it out below.

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