Residents: Vaccine

May 27, 2020

Christchurch based group ‘Residents’ release their debut album, ‘Vaccine’.

The collective consists of brothers Max and Jack Brown, who teamed up with a range of producers and artists to create an album, design line and merchandise drop.

The 10-track album is a blend of alternative hip-hop, rap and R&B and features a sleuth of other artists from across New Zealand, including Yorke and Kieth Aaron. The tracks are raw and throughout the album, genuine grit and emotion are on display. The brothers do an excellent job in exploring different ideas and genres keeping the project interesting. ‘Gone Not Forgotten’ has a striking guitar solo that embodies the grunge and intimate feel encapsulating the album. The album does a good job in continuing momentum and the blending of genres ensures a dynamic listening experience across the 10-tracks.

Looking to apply a multi-media approach to their music ‘Residents’ took a holistic approach in creating a release. With the album, art and merchandise all interwoven with similar cohesive storytelling elements.

‘Vaccine’ and the surrounding merchandise is an excellent introduction to ‘Residents’ and the ideas the group look to present.

Check out the album below.

You can check out their website below;

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