Rei: Hoea

June 28, 2020

Rei has released his anticipated new Te Reo album “Hoea”.

“Hoea” is the first full-length release from multilingual musician Rei since his 2019 album “The Bridge”, which debuted as the #1 New Zealand album on iTunes and featured the US Viral Chart #1 hit “Good Mood.” “Hoea” is a testament as to why the artist is creating such a buzz within the New Zealand music scene.  

Having broken out onto the scene in 2015 with his debut release “C.H.I.E.F” Rei has gone on to become a multi-award-winning musician. Rei has won three Waiata Music Awards; he won the award for Best Urban Album in 2015 and 2017 as well as the 2016 award for Best Video. 

“Hoea” is a fantastic follow up to his earlier works and further solidifies that Rei is one of New Zealand’s most exciting musicians. Rei incorporates Te Reo Māori into his music which not only sets him apart from most of his contemporaries but also makes his music that much more compelling. 

With artists like Rei and Alien Weaponry gaining international attention it shows that not only is there a place for Te Reo within a pop music context, but that Te Reo lends itself well to that context and is a perfect expression of Kiwiana. The album title “Hoea” is derived from the Whakatauki “Hoea tō waka,” or ‘row your own waka.’ Rei has a lot of personality and originality within his music so the album title name is fitting and a reflection of how Rei manages to set himself apart and be a unique artist.  

“Auhai Ana” has a catchy dance beat that drives the song and is easily one of the highlights of the album. Rei manages to craft infectious beats throughout the album that demand to be grooved to. “Holy Heka” is a little more up-tempo than the rest of the album but it closes off the track listing nicely. Again, Rei crafts an infectious beat that blends elements of Hip Hop and electronic music to create a sound that is both familiar yet unique. 

Rei has a powerful voice and a brilliant cadence to his vocal style. Tracks such as “Ohia” and “Nanawe” highlight his vocal capability. Rei is an artist that needs to be celebrated. “Hoea” is another solid addition to an already impressive discography and is worth listening to. 

You can listen to the album here; 

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