Raiza Biza: Save Me

February 3, 2021
Raiza Biza

Raiza Biza kicks off the New Year with a brand new video for his song ‘Save Me’, off of his 2020 project ‘Grand Opening, Grand Closing’.

The music video, which was shot and directed by Tom Grut, perfectly matches the emotional and impassioned song that it accompanies. The video shows Raiza isolated and alone, attempting to collect his thoughts in different dark and gloomy settings. 

With dynamic lighting, surreal effects and understated editing, the video is both engaging and purposeful. And is overall an excellent addition to Raiza Biza’s great catalogue of music videos.

Raiza Biza’s return in 2021 with this melancholic music video is a fitting recap to a melancholic 2020, that is hopefully behind us. And shows both his strong creative vision and Tom Gruts keen eye as a director.

Check out the video below.

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