PRINS: Magnetic

July 25, 2020

Christchurch pop-artist PRINS releases her debut EP, ‘Magnetic’.

Following up from her two previously released singles, ‘Magnetic’ and ‘Stay Away’, the five-track EP is a testament to the artist’s tireless work over the past year. 

The EP is a tapestry of dance-pop anthems seeing PRINS explore ideas of love and the heartbreak that can follow. Set upon a luscious canvas of upbeat pop instrumentation the EP is full of stand-out moments.

Speaking on the project PRINS explains the release has been a long time coming, “it feels like a huge achievement to be putting this out, after a year of hard work, tears and many emotions.”

Already a regular member performer across the Christchurch live music scene, the five tracks highlights the artist’s incredible performance calibre. Introspective and personal, PRINS showcases her vulnerability throughout the EP as she explains, “it perfectly describes a huge chapter of my life, which ironically has come to an end a few weeks before the release of the EP. It feels like a massive relief and I’m excited to be moving forward into a new stage of both my personal life and my music career.”

Celebrating the release of the EP the Christchurch singer will be embarking on a 5 date tour across New Zealand starting in late September.

Check out her ‘Magnetic’ EP below.

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