Pacific Heights: 405

November 23, 2020
Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights (Devin Abrams) unveils new smash hit ‘405’, featuring CHAII and Kings.

Following his previous single, ‘The Weight Of It’, featuring UK electronic veteran Steve Spacek, ‘405’ is another exemplary release from Abrams. Enlisting some of Aotearoa’s brightest talents in CHAII and Kings, ‘405’ is a vibrant track filled with personality.

The production of ‘405’ features gliding synths juxtaposed with electric percussion to create a whirlwind of emotions throughout the track. CHAII’s rapid-fire delivery is beautifully paired with the mellow and airy hook provided by Kings. Each of the artists brings their distinctly recognisable vocals and delivery, and Abrams does a fantastic job in allowing the production on the track to ebb and flow.

Accompanying the track is an artistic visual directed by Oscar Keys which, alongside CHAII and Kings, features acclaimed dancer and choreographer Kayla Paige.

Check out the video below.

And stream the song.

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