Outside In: Om

December 15, 2019

Auckland alternative/progressive rock band Outside In have released their new single ‘Om’ from their upcoming debut album.

Outside In have had a productive 2019. “Om” is the fourth single they’ve released this year, following on from their previous tracks; “Pass the Flag”, “The Garden of Light”, and “Blue Dragon” all of which included accompanying music videos directed by comedian, actor, writer and performer Ashton Brown. Continuing this momentum, “Om” sees the band delivering more of their catchy, hard-hitting riffs.

“Om” is the fourth and final single to be released from the band in the buildup to their upcoming album “Karmatrain.” The album is currently being mixed by prominent New Zealand music producer Dave Rhodes, who has worked with the likes of Head Like a Hole and Blindspott and is set to be released in early 2020.

“Outside In” wear their progressive rock influences on their sleeve. They take snippets from the likes of “A Perfect Circle”, “Radiohead” and “Pink Floyd” and weave them together to create a sound which is distinctly their own. Throwing in mixtures of ambience, instrumental hooks, and strong vocal melodies “Outside In” are a band that are not afraid to experiment.

You can stream “Om” here;

You can check out the bands previous work here;

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