Oh Sweet Nothings: Maraca Attacker

October 2, 2019
Oh Sweet Nothings

Eclectic Wellington indie band Oh Sweet Nothings (OSN) seek to leave their mark with their latest single ‘Maraca Attacker’. Known for their whimsical and off-kilter approach to songwriting, as well as their erratic live performances, OSN is currently on the rise up out of obscurity and are fast becoming prominent members of the Wellington underground scene.

‘Maraca Attacker’ is the first single off the group’s upcoming debut EP ‘Emergency Procedures.’ A result of years of chaotic bedroom DIY sessions, the band describes the project as, “alluding to the deep need to have some sort of procedure for dealing with feelings of desperation, frustration, apathy, which all of us feel to some degree in today’s post-post-modern world.

“We deeply appreciate music that validates our own disillusion with society, with adulthood, with quote-unquote love, and that provides a means to safely express what otherwise gets bottled up inside, and numbs us to the joys of being alive. ‘Emergency Procedures’ is our first endeavor to delineate our own expression of that.” 

To kick off their single release the OSN has scheduled a series of live performances across Auckland, Tauranga, Wanganui and Wellington. 

In the meantime check out ‘Maraca Attacker’ for yourself below;

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