NXVA: One Time

January 19, 2021

Hamilton-based rapper NXVA returns in 2021 with a music video for ‘One Time’, a track off of his previously released 2020 EP ‘Gemini Ultra’.

Co-directed by Joshua Dey and NXVA himself, the music video shows NXVA rapping in a dark parking garage and a cold barren landscape. With dark, gloomy visuals and crisp, dynamic editing, the music video is a perfect match for the song.

With minimal and melancholic production on the track, NXVA’s melodic rapping is able to shine through. The solitary crooning vocals on the track perfectly fit the vibe of the music video.

NXVA’s return with this new music video and shows a streak of great visual additions for his Gemini Ultra EP. And are a great showcase of both NXVA and Joshua Dey’s abilities as directors.

Check out the video below.

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