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November 6, 2019
Notion Touring

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Over the next two weeks, we will be sharing a series of articles and reviews in collaboration with students from the University of Canterbury. The students were asked to create a selection of content as well as how they would present that content to an online audience.

In the final article, Tristram Standfield sits down with Christchurch touring agency Notion Touring to have a chat about their beginnings and the Christchurch music scene.

Notion Touring is a music promotion company specifically catering to the house and techno community. Bringing a genuine passion and love for the music scene into their work, their primary goal is to “create an experience”. Learning from every house and techno show they put on, Notion looks to build on each event to make the next one just that little bit better.

Founded in January 2018, Notion Touring are a relatively new business in the scene but are growing in popularity and scope more and more every day. Created by James Inwood and Finn McCall, everything they do is for the love of the music and the work that comes with it. They take acts, international and local, and promote them in NZ, backing up the main players with talented local artists from right here in Christchurch. Through this, they’re promoting and growing the very music that they’re so passionate about right in their home city.

It’s not an easy business to be in, with a lot going into preparation for each show prior to doors opening. Not just for Notion, but Christchurch promoters of all kinds have been affected by the venue shortage challenges of adapting spaces. Taking restaurants and pool bars and transforming them into a venue of nightlife. This involves installing lighting, stage and sound systems to make it all work, keeping the nightlife alive and the standard high. They take pride in their hospitality of artists too, showing them Christchurch amongst their short stay and establishing and maintaining good working relationships with them and their agents.

If it isn’t already apparent, Notion Touring have a genuinely impressive setup and a huge passion for the music they’re trying to promote. Combining these two makes them amongst some of the top tier music promoters in Christchurch, helping to invigorate the music scene here with international main acts while backing them up with fresh local talent. They feel extremely lucky to be able to work with their favourite artists in the world and showcasing them here in Christchurch. They are honestly blown away with the continuous support and therefore James and Finn are so thankful to anyone that helps out to keep the scene alive and pushing forward. Keep on dancing.

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Notion Touring

The article was written by Tristram Standfield, as part of our collaboration with the University of Canterbury.

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