Niki Kennedy: The Last Night (Dancing With You)

March 31, 2021

New Zealand-born, Canada-based artist Niki Kennedy explores feel-good energy in her throwback-influenced new single, ‘The Last Night (Dancing With You)’. The new track follows the singers 2019 single ‘Maybe I’m Lovin’ Wrong’ as well as her 2018 EP ‘The Weather Up Here’.

Inspired by the effects of lockdown, ‘The Last Night (Dancing With You)’ takes the pandemic narrative and turns it around, posing the question: “If it were the last night of the world…How would you choose to spend it?” The disco-pop song is an upbeat, groovy affair and evokes a strong sense of nostalgia. With lyrics that capture the joy of good times, as well as the melancholy that comes with knowing those times are fleeting and short-lived.

Written by Niki, mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound and produced by Shane Stephenson of Listening Party Recordings, the song’s production perfectly matches Niki’s impassioned lyrics and vocals. With a combination of bouncy drums, rhythmic guitar, warbled bass synth and airy pads, the production on the track creates the same dramatic emotion and sense of urgency that the songwriting does.

Niki Kennedy’s new single is a grand, emotive exploration of fleeting love. And also manages to perfectly encapsulate the feelings of the world in the pandemic, delivered in the form of an infectious, feel-good, disco-pop tune. If ‘The Last Night (Dancing with You)’ is your first time hearing of Niki Kennedy, it definitely won’t be your last.

Check it out below.