nicholas Franchise: Just For Once Now

March 15, 2021

nicholas Franchise returns with the new single ‘Just For Once Now’.

The final single from his upcoming album ‘Return On Investment’, ‘Just For Once Now’ is an exhilarating ride seeing Franchise reflect on critical moments in his life. Speaking on the track Nick Davies, the Wellington-based songwriter, and producer behind nicholas Franchise, says “the song is a brief cross-section cut from the dichotomy of emotion that comes with trying to get somewhere – especially in your relationships. All the burning tension and stress simultaneously cut with hope, satisfaction, euphoria and gratitude. Sometimes the latter are outweighed and fleeting, but can make a struggle feel all too worth it.”

‘Just For Once Now’ is punchy, authentic, and feels like the end-credits rolling to a great movie. Franchise pours his emotions into the song overtop of crunchy guitar licks and sharp drums. The final single leading to his album, ‘Just For Once Now’ is also the final song the artist recorded. As he explains, “Just For Once Now is the final track I recorded for the new album. With a bare-bones guitar lick I’d found in my phone, and one day left to record, I worked through the night and well into late morning capturing what was an unplanned and sudden outpouring flow of emotion.”

Accompanying the release of the single is a one-take music video directed by nicholas Franchise & Jake Munro, featuring Wellington dancers Atareta Bridge-Comer and Daniel Nodder.

Check out the song below.

As well as the video.