nicholas Franchise: Going Places

February 5, 2021

nicholas Franchise releases the new single “Going Places”.

Following on from the release of the single “Getup” from late last year, “Going Places” is the second single of Franchise’s sophomore album, slated for a late March release. 

“Going Places” is a catchy, guitar-driven song. Whereas “Getup” was more of a house inspired song, “Going Places” has more of an indie feel to it. The track features a colorful array of instruments. The swirling guitars give the song a nice feel, mixed with the intermittent piano tracks, uplifting vocals, and catchy drum beat give “Going Places” a nice, catchy groove. 

Nicholas Davis, the Wellington-based musician and producer behind Nicholas Franchise says he made a “conscious effort to embrace themes of movement and positivity” on both “Getup” and “Going Places.”

In terms of lyrical content “Going Places” has an enlightening feel to it. Davis sings about frustrations of living life online and wanting to go places, a theme which is extremely relevant. 

Speaking on the track Davis says, “I want to push for the good things in life a bit right now. It’s easier for me to write a sad song, but I wanted to embrace all the epicness I’ve experienced, give that some justice, and celebrate it as something relatable and maybe comforting. Good breeds good too, I think, so put it out there hopefully the sentiment can propagate.”

The accompanying music video was directed by bassist, Connor Geany. The music video was entirely self-funded, shot, and edited in less than a week. Davis describes the video as a “Declaration of launching yourself into life.” 

Nicholas Franchise is an artist that is going places and one to look out for in the future. 

You can stream the song below.

And watch the video below.

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