nicholas Franchise: Getup

December 13, 2020

nicholas Franchise announces his return with the release of ‘Getup’, his first single in over two years. 

“Getup” is the first release from nicholas Franchise’s sophomore album, slated for a late-summer release. nicholas Franchise made his debut in 2018 with the release of his breakout album, ‘Setup.’ Since then Franchise took a well over two-year hiatus from releasing music, all the while cleaning tables and playing dive bars in Portland, Oregon.  

With ‘Get Up,’ Franchise shows his affinity towards early 2000’s house music. Heavily inspired by that sound, the song has a driving four-to-the-floor dance beat, a deep, driving bass, and a series of looped guitar tracks layered over one another. ‘Getup’ has a strong groove to it, aptly titled, the flow and groove to the song demand the listener to ‘Getup’ and dance to it. 

Franchise delivers a strong vocal performance on the song. Despite ‘Get Up’ being a shift in style for the musician, Franchise sounds well within his depth. Franchise has a nice tone to his vocal style, coupled with the groove of the instrumental, ‘Get Up’ is littered with compelling vocal hooks. 

Lyrically, ‘Get Up’ explores themes of overcoming adversity. Franchise throughout the verses refers to feelings of frustration, and anxiety especially in a Covid world: “You are so scared that you don’t have a chance, you think you’re never gonna get your dance.” In the second verse Franchise blatantly states, “What the fuck is 2020? Oh well.” When speaking on the lyrics nicholas Franchise said “I wanted to make something upbeat that could celebrate life and humanity, especially in its hardships.” 

“Get Up’ was recorded in a DIY makeshift home bedroom studio. To record the vocals Franchise erected a ‘recording booth’ using wardrobe doors and several draped duvets. Although the booth perfected the vocal sound, it also made the recording process extremely sweaty. Franchise said he often recorded vocal takes in his underwear dripping in sweat. 

‘Getup’ marks the beginning of what looks to be a promising return for the musician. The track showcases Franchise’s ability to write catchy music. Despite ‘Getup’ being a slight change of pace for Franchise, breaking away from his ‘Pop-Raunch-Rock’ sound from ‘Setup,’ the more House inspired track is sure to please his fan base and welcome new listers alike. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Getup,’ nicholas Franchise will play San Fran in Wellington on December 16th with General Vibe. 

You can listen to ‘Getup’ here.

You can purchase tickets to the San Fran gig through Under the Radar here

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