November 4, 2020

Nauti releases conceptual album ‘GOTHAM’, as well as merch drop.

Taking an old school DIY approach, the album is being released exclusively via his website, alongside a range of custom action figures and apparel.

An unorthodox approach in a digital world, Nauti is looking to take control of his art and have full autonomy with his music. Reminiscent of the 90’s ‘out of the trunk’ approach, the release of GOTHAM is a refreshing moment in a stream-focused musical landscape.

Following the release of his first album ‘Tired Of Being Tired’, ‘GOTHAM’ sees Nauti confident and assured. Showcasing his growth and exceptional wordplay ‘GOTHAM’ is a high-quality and engaging release.

Nauti uses Gotham City as a metaphor for Central Auckland, highlighting themes from both cities to tell the tales of a life lived in an environment that is the perfect breeding ground for crime and misfortune. 

Speaking on the album Nauti explains, “We’ve always felt like the underdogs especially when we were making this song. Sometimes you feel like you need to fit in. In my case, at times I’d feel like I had to bite my tongue to get plays on the radio or talk about a particular subject in a particular manner to be accepted. But we’re already at the bottom so f**k it, it’s time to say what needs to be said.” 

You can purchase the album, and related merch, via NAUTI’s website below.

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