NADA DAFF: Breaking Conventions

May 1, 2020
Nada Duff

Emerging out of the digital sphere comes NADA DAFF. A group of friends, from Whangarei to Wellington, NADA DAFF is a strictly music first endeavour.

Wanting to bypass the ego of artists, the group’s ethos is to make music for the love of it. As they explain, “with the industry making a move toward digital presence, sometimes personality can take the stage before the music does. For this reason, the intent behind the project was to make music for music’s sake, and for that reason, the group’s individuals remain relatively anonymous.”

NADA DAFF’S first release is a self-titled 10 track album. Blending together a unique collection of hip-hop, rap and R&B the project is an eclectic mix of styles and ideas. The tracks are raw and full of creative energy, with the group never spending more than an afternoon on a song. With an authentic DIY attitude the group explain, “we wanted to show how powerful ideas can be on their own, without the need for extensive recording gear or mastering.” Ranging from emotional and introspective to full break-neck funk, NADA DAFF is an album with all the artists’ creative ability on full display.

With the first project under their belt, the group has ideas to extend further into the music community and find fresh perspectives from other talented New Zealand musicians.

Check out NADA DAFF below.

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