Morning People announce Christchurch Show

October 30, 2020
Morning People

Morning People announce their launch party in Christchurch.

Existing to remix your morning, Morning People provide a fresh twist to a classic dance party. Emulating the weekend club experience without the hassles of late nights, leery behaviour and hangovers, Morning People offer a new way to kick start your morning.

With an established scene across New Zealand, Morning People serve up an array of top-notch local and international DJs alongside coffee and side of dancefloor treats like juice, fruit and snacks. Although staying alcohol-free, the events are some of the most high-energy and positive dancefloors you can boogie on. 

Morning People are hosting their debut event in Christchurch on Thursday morning November 5th at HIDE. Kicking off at 6.30 am, you’ll be starting the day on the right beat.

Dance like nobody is watching and discover your new favourite way to start the day.

You can purchase tickets below.


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