Molly & The Chromatics: Hold Tight

October 30, 2020

Molly and The Chromatics release the new single ‘Hold Tight’.

From the very first beat, the listener is immediately transcended into an otherworldly dimension of flare pants, suede boots and unafraid freedom to express a new narrative.

A powerful drive within the delicious bassline gently wraps you up in cotton and cradles you to instinctively swing your head. A classic house beat is beautifully embellished with complex jazz chords that intertwine amongst the sultriness of the saxophone. Molly’s laid back and perfectly placed huskiness eludes to timeless musicality from the vocalist. True musicianship comes from the ability to get the listener singing both the melody and words of the chorus line after one pass.

The song has a certain charm in an underproduced vocal delivery. The unique timbre of the vocalist creates a sense of relatability which was a nice surprise aurally. The sound of this track is fresh but all the same nostalgic in its overall production. Each instrument beautifully compliments the next with no obvious signs of stage hunger. Balance, musicality, confidence and synchronicity within a band is so important and equally incredibly difficult; so my hat goes off to this band, honestly.

Each new listen to the track explores something new sonically that may have not been picked up on before. The need for uplifting music inspiring change and the importance of being true to oneself is so desperate right now.

A chorus that is described as ”satirical’ comes from the perspective of an older generation telling someone younger ‘fake it till you make it, hold it together and don’t lose your way’. Contrary to this, the verses speak of power in living in the truest form of oneself: honestly and with integrity.

Towards the midsection/end of the song I heard some elements of old school psychedelic rock that solidified that 70s taste ‘with a twist’. I can’t even imagine how great this already phenomenal piece of music would sound live. Beautiful. 5 stars!

You can listen to the track below.

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